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Telecommuting Trends

Results from a recent CompTIA survey on telecommuting trends.

Two-hundred and twelve professionals in IT and other industries were surveyed. The results validate that telecommuting is a viable option for organizations. 

More than three-quarters (78%) of respondents work at organizations where some employees telecommute at least part time.  The job role of IT Management holds the largest percent of those currently telecommuting (41%). Other top roles telecommuting include Field Technical Support (37%), Administration (35%), Executive Management (32%), and PC/Technical Help Desk (32%). 

The most significant benefit of telecommuting to organizations is improved productivity, as indicated by two-thirds of respondents.

Other top benefits being realized include cost savings (59%), access to more qualified staff (39%), improved employee retention (37%), and improved employee health (25%).  Securing corporate information systems is the most significant challenge of telecommuting to organizations (53%).

Other top challenges experienced are limiting use of unauthorized and unsupported devices (38%), and controlling personal use of corporate mobile assets (33%).  And measures that organizations have taken to meet these challenges include upgrades in network circuits, VPN equipment, VIP (Verified Identity Pass) client software, expanded security and implementation of new virtualization technologies. 

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Maryland ranked 2nd as best to succeed in info age, Virginia is 6th

August 11, 2008 SAN DIEGO, CA - The Milken Institute's "2008 State Technology and Science Index ranked Maryland #2 and Virginia #6 on its list of the top ten states in the best position to succeed in the technology-driven information age.

Maryland moved up from fourth in this year’s ranking, thanks to strong positions across the many indicators used by the Institute. In particular, the report cited an improvement in the ability to attract business into the state and new projects that link research institutions with industry to produce the most advanced products.

Massachusetts, which just passed a $1-billion life sciences bill to invest in high-tech infrastructure and research and development over the next 10 years, is in the best position of any state to achieve high-quality economic growth thanks to its vast array of technology and science assets, the study says.

According to the report, regional competition for technology industries has increased since the last release of the Index in 2004. Not only are states vying with each other for human capital and resources, but countries like China and India are increasing the competition on a global level.

“States that have a vision and a plan for building and retaining high-wage jobs and viable industries are finding ways to invest in their science and technology assets,” said Ross DeVol, director of Regional Economics at the Milken Institute, and lead author of the study.

“The changes in this year’s Index give a good measure of who is ahead in the increasing competition for scarce human capital and other resources needed for a successful industry.”

The states in the best position to succeed in the technology-led information age are (with 2004 rankings):

1) Massachusetts (1)
2) Maryland (4)
3) Colorado (3)
4) California (2)
5) Washington (6)
6) Virginia (5)
7) Connecticut (10)
8) Utah (9)
9) New Hampshire (12)
10) Rhode Island (11)

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Beyond the Home Equity Loan - Solid Financing Options  

by Richard Stopa, Bay Business Advisors


Several years ago most small businesses were being purchased with home equity loans. With little cash up front, buyers were able to borrow all the money they needed to purchase a business. 

How times have changed!    

Over the last year, we at Bay Business Advisors have seen very little home equity loans being used to finance businesses.

Then how are businesses being financed these days?    

A combination of:  

1. Cash  

2. Loans from Small Business Administration (*

3. "Seller Note" - and short term financing provided by the seller, a promissory note with structured payment terms and interest

4. Home Equity Loans 

The business deal can also be structured and financed to allow for an "earn-out", where consideration is paid to the seller only upon the achievement of future performance hurdles of the business after the buyer takes over the business.  

Buyers are generating cash to be used for down payments to purchase a business in creative ways as well. Financial companies are now offering opportunities for buyers to use their 401K money (without fear of tax penalties) .  

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a "typical deal" even when home equity loans were the primary source of small business financing.  

Please call or contact us at Calder Associates/Bay Business Advisors so we can help you with either selling or buying your business. Also, we would be pleased to meet with you and your CPA, attorney or financial planner to assist you in this process.

* Established by Congress in 1953, this independent federal agency provides financial assistance in the form of loan guarantees thus making it easy for many lenders to make loans to new and growing businesses.

Keep Tabs on Your Profitablity

by Robert C DeMarzo, ChannelWeb/VARBusiness

There's a powerful yet simple television announcement popularized in the '70s that implores parents to keep close tabs on their kids by using the line, "It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" It's a great line and is hopefully effective at motivating parents to keep closer tabs on their children. Well, I would like to modify that statement for the channel right now: "It's June, do you know where your profitability is coming from?"


Click here for the full Profitability Article...


Encouraging Economic Outlook

for Washington DC Metro area man_dollar

from PNC Bank


"Economic growth in the Washington metro are will cool substantially this year as the U.S. economy slides into recession."    

"However, the area's broadening array of private-sector economic drivers is expected to keep job creation positive for the year."  


"The area's highly skilled workforce, strong tourism industry, a growing cluster of technology and life sciences industries, and healthy demographic trends form a foundation for solid growth over the long term that will provide some buffer against the vagaries of federal spending."


These statements are made in an Washington DC economic outlook report prepared by PNC Bank.  


John Baier of PNC Bank is one of Bay Business Advisors trusted financial partners.  


You may find this information of interest as you make business decisions in the upcoming months.    


Click here for the full PNC Report...


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